Oh! Boy!

The past two days have been very good on the river.  They ran water all day Thursday.  Although they said they were going to cut back the flow a little during the day, they did not.  It was pretty high almost all day.  Friday the projection was for the water to be off and IT WAS!  It is scheduled to be off all day today, and so far, it is. 

Thursday Stan and Shannon took a drift boat out to do a little fun fishing (said they were going to do some research).  With the high water, they did well on the size 16 Red tungsten midge with either a pink or hot orange San Juan dropper.  Worked a few seams with the intermediate sink tip and the burgundy holoshimmer crackleback and this too caught several fish.

Yesterday, with the water off, Darrell and Shannon were both on the water fishing (guides don’t get to fish too often so they grab every chance they get).  Darrell was fishing the area up near the Hatchery and Shannon was fishing the Rockin Chair and below areas.  Although they both caught fish on soft hackles, cracklebacks, black midges, and the copper dun midge, when Darrell changed to the size 18 Rusty midge and Shannon put on a holographic brown midge, they picked up the pace!  Fishing was so good neither wanted to quit but their hands were cold.  Had one of our customers who was fishing the area down by the KOA (now Trophy Run) bend come in to get more feathers to tie the olive filoplume.  Said he was having a great day on the filoplume as well as a dark brown stone fly nymph he has been tying. Fishing is definitely picking up!



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