Fishing is Very Good!

Fishing over the past four days has been very good.  Both Friday, Sunday and yesterday,  if you stripped a fly past a trout, you would get a hit or catch a fish.  Satruday was a bit slower, but it was cold and cloudy.  Even the weather was nice every day except Saturday.  Lots of flies have been working.    Size 12 through 16 cracklebacks in holographic green, pumpkin, or burgundy holoshimmer; size 8 golden variant sculpin pattern; size 9 or 10 olive wooly buggers and the size 12 filoplume.  Although folks were also catching fish on the grey scuds, sizes 14 and smaller, white grub, size 12 and various colored size 18 midges, action was just faster on stripped patterns.  Saturday and when it clouded over Sunday, the dark sculpin olive size 10 worked well.  You will notice a lot of smaller, silver fish in the water right now.  Taneycomo recently received a load of 10.3 inch average size trout from the Neosho facility. 

Stan was on the water yesterday with a couple guys from Joplin.  They caught fish on all of the above plus the Big Ugly and the copper dun midge dropper.  Had a great day on the water.

Water was off Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. then back on for only two hours.  It remained off until Monday morning at 6:00 a.m.  Pattern during the week was on in the a.m. around 6:00 for 4-5 hours then off for 4-5 hours then back on until after dark.  They turned it off before 10:00 a.m. this morning. 

FREE FLY TYING CLINICS – Don’t forget to check out the schedule on the fly tying clinics.  We are focusing on patterns which we know work well in Taneycomo.  Everything – fly tying tools and materials are included in the clinics.  AND, we discuss a little about fishing some of the various patterns we tie.

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