Beautiful Day!

They have been generating water non-stop since the morning of the 17th.  The past four days, we have seen 4 generators almost all day. 

However, fishing is good.  Several people finding spots to throw a line up in the Hatchery Area and catching lots of fish.   As the gentlemen who came in today told me, "They are certainly full of fight".  He was having a good day with the tan scud and a tan small egg-type pattern dropped below it.   A couple of guys who came in yesterday were having a good day on pretty much the same set up.

We had two boats on the water yesterday.  Great weather, not much wind, sun shining, and fish were hitting.  Jim had a couple from Oklahoma. Ted and Janice, who are just getting started.  Their first fly fishing experience was last August with Jim, and I think this was their second outting.  Stan had his (gotta watch the wording on this) oldest customer in terms of years (10 years now) he has been taking trips with us on the water yesterday.  Doc tries to be on the water every year on his birthday.  Think he has only hit the date once as the weather is usually pretty nasty on many days in January, but we get close.  Anyway, Doc and Mac, who lives in Branson, were out with Stan.  They had a wonderful day and boated lots of fish.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOC!  Both boats primary fly was the red tungsten midge, size 16, with either a hot pink or flaming orange San Juan worm dropper.  Jim also used a grey scud with a holographic back.

Another pretty day today and have one boat on the water.  Wish it was me instead of them!!

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