Windy Weekend!

Even with two units going, one could be blown upstream this weekend.  Ran two generators all weekend even though the projection was for them to be off yesterday.  Must have needed heat somewhere.  However, they did run a low two so the tailwater level stayed between 704 and 705.6.  At this level there are places where one can safely wade and catch fish.  Running a higher two generators today and the level is at 706.4 plus or minus. 

We had three boats on the water Saturday.  Whew!  The wind was a real challenge.  It would calm down for a little so you got a good drift then a major gust would come along and take you to the other side of the river.  Jim and Darrell had a two boat group out.  Darrell had Roger and Don and Jim had Rick and Ryan.  One was from Missouri and the rest of the guys were from Kansas.  They worked hard for their fish but did boat some on the red and orange San Juan worms and the red midge.  Carolyn was out with Christy and Eric who live just a little ways north of us.  Christy has been trying to use last year’s Christmas present all year; a half day float trip.  Due to bad weather and high water, we had scheduled this trip five times!  Finally we made it.  Turned out to be worth the wait.  We had a good day on the hot pink San Juan dropped from either a red tunghead midge or the tunghead lightening bug.



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