Don’t know why, but they ran generators all weekend.  Projection for both days was 40 MW or 2000 to 6000 cfs.  This morning they had three generators going, but the level was 706.  Yesterday they had two generators going and the level was in the upper 704’s most of the time.  We are definitely below power pool as is Beaver.  Both Beaver and Bull Shoals are not generating today.  Maybe we will be off tomorrow.

On the water yesterday with a real tough little lady.  Cierra, who is 7 going on 25, and her father Brian.  We did not start until about 10:30 hoping it would warm up a little and the wind would die down a bit.  Had a few brief periods of time when the wind layed down a bit, but for the most part it was a windy day!  Cierra managed to get a couple fish to the boat, and all on her own.  She has a wicked roll cast.  She caught one beautiful 16 incher which gave her a real fight.  It kept going into the fast water and pulling out her line.  She stuck with it and got it in!  She had lots of hits during the outing, but just could not consistently get a good hook set.  Know she is not alone with this problem, lots of us still have trouble some days with getting a good hook set.  Dad brought several fish to the boat but seemed to be having the most fun watching Cierra.  Hot pink and red San Juans were the ticket yesterday.  Caught a few on the lightening bug and red midge.  By the last hour of the day, we were all looking for hand warmers and more stuff to put on…..but it was a good day!

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