It’s Wonderful!

There has been no generation since December 23 around 10:00 a.m.  Did get quite a bit of rain yesterday but our tailwater level is still at 914.0.  May see some effect of runofff today.

Went to the water for a couple hours Friday.  It was wonderful to see all the smiling faces up and down the river standing in the water fly fishing!  I put on my sink tip and after a few minutes with no hits on my black wooly bugger, I switched to the size 12 olive filoplume and started catching fish. Action slowed down, so I changed to a size 12 holographic green crackleback and things picked up again.  John, one of our friends, was across from me fishing his streamer patterns close to the bank on the ledge side above the boat ramp where he too was having a good day.  Didn’t take too long and my two hours were over.  Had to get back to the shop as I promised Stan I just needed "a little fix".  Walking out from the river, saw one of our customers who was fishing up more toward the rock mound at the Rockin Chair area, and he said his best fly was a soft hackle. 

Customers coming into the store yesterday were catching them on almost everything, especially before the storm blew through.  A beautiful day today and the water is still off.  Know they will have to run some water some time, but enjoy it while you can.

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