Water Off This Morning!

Water is off this morning…it is 8:30…and the projection is that it will be off all day!  Maybe there will be a Thanksgiving!  They have run two or three generators pretty consistently since last week.  The tailwater level has been maintained somewhere between 706 and 705.  However, the past two days it has started in the morning at 705 then dropped to 704 and stayed from mid morning untill early afternoon. 

Fishing has been spotty.  You’ll find a bunch of fish, fish them for a while and then they shut off.  Still getting lots of opportunity to fish dries.  Both extremes of size.  As I mentioned in an earlier report, the size 24 Sproat or Spot Light  midge in various colors (depends on the day), the parachute Adams, black midge, cream midge and then the Big Ugly have been working.  We are fishing the Big Ugly alone and also with a midge pupa dropped anywhere from eight inches to two feet below the Big Ugly.

Stan was out with Doris and Dan from Texas yesterday and I had Nicole and her grandfather, James, on the water.  Nicole is a lovely eleven year old who decided she wanted to try fly fishing.  After just a short time, Nicole was throwing a very good line so getting her fly in the water is not a problem.  Watching for the strike is the challenge.  After several "pick and rolls" and just missing a hit, she did get her first fish to the boat.  Proud grandfather is in the back of the boat taking pictures!  She got a few more to the boat and we eventually had to come off the water.  Not certain if she was really ready.  Her hot pattern was the pink San Juan. 

Stan and his crew did well on the Big Ugly with the burdungy midge dropper.  Fish were taking both, but probably the midge the best. 

We both found the fish to be very spotty as to where they were located, but once you found them, they were pretty consistent.

Three of us on the water today.  Anxious to see what the no generation will bring!


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