What a Beautiful Day!

Perfect day on the water yesterday.  Light wind, not too hot yet sunny and caught some fish!  Look up at the hill sides and they are taking on a hint of colors. 

Stan was out with Heidi and Alan again.  They caught fish on the Big Ugly with a black midge dropper and the Pink Lady egg pattern.  Jim was out with Bud and Ben.  Didn’t get a report from him on what they caught them on, but know they boated some fish. 

Gina had not been on the water for a while due to an accident where she hurt her wrist.  She is on the mend and needed a "fix" and also wanted to see how her wrist would take the rowing.  Wrist survived the rowing and she definitely got her "fix".  She did well in the afternoon on the Primrose & Pearl midge.

Water flow has had a definite pattern this week.  Generators shutting down somewhere around 10:00 every night and staying off until 6:00 a.m.  Yesterday they only started up 2 generators and kept it at 2, thus the tailwater level stayed around 704.0 until 11:00 a.m. when they fired up another generator and raised the tailwater level to 706.  With the lower water level, the water was discolored more than it has been, and of course, really clouded up when the generation was increased.


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