Good News – Bad News

Good news is Table Rock Lake level is dropping.  Since my last report on the 17th, they have dropped the lake level over three feet.  Bad news is, the flood gates are still open.  They still have a goal in mind of 917 feet elevation above sea level.  This they want to get to with or without the flood gates.  When they hit the target of 920 feet, they did shut down the cubic feet per second of water flow, but have elected to keep the gates open.  Of course, this could change tomorrow.  Bottom line, they will run water 24/7 until they get to 917.  Then we will have to see what they do.  If it will get the water back to a wadeable level quicker, so be it!

Have had boats on the water most of the week and it has been tough fishing.  Before they hit 920 feet, the tailwater level was being held at 713.5.  This needs a lot of weight to get down to the fish.  After hitting 920, they cut the level down to 711.3 (plus or minus).  Water has been dingy, temperature is up and dissolved oxygen is down.  Therefore, tough trips.  Catching a few fish, but certainly nothing to write home about.  However, from the folks coming into the shop, they are catching lots of fish up around the outlets on almost anything you want to throw in.  Primarily scuds, tan and gray; San Juan worms, tan or brown small egg patterns to name a few.


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