Flood Gates Opened – Fishing was Good

Three boats on the water Friday when they opened the flood gates….again!  Stan had Art and Penelope from Louisiana out.  They had a great day.  Fished the red midge and the holographic green crackleback.  A friend of theirs, Dave, was out with Darrell.  Darrell had Dave catching fish on the sink tip with the olive green filoplume.  I had Moses from Illinois back again.  He brought his son, Clarence with him.  Moses had had some health problems and did not get to fish with me earlier this year, but we made up for it Friday.  Good day with the red midge and red San Juan micro worm dropper.  Clarence is brand new and certainly did a good amount of damage to the fish.  Especially fished good a little after they opened the flood gates.  Our only problem after they opened the gates was the amount of debris coming down.  It made it real difficult to keep our flies clean.

                                    Moses – September 5, 2008


Jim and Stan were both on the water Saturday.  Jim’s guys, Jeff and Brian from Michigan, baught fish on the Bug eye Bugger, Black size 18 midge, and red midge, size 16.  The guys got introduced to the sink tip lines.  Stan had Dave and Justin from Oklahoma out again.  They did very well on the red midge with a pink San Juan dropper and the peach egg.  Came off a little early due to rain moving through.

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