Flood Gates on Again!

Good possibility all 10 flood gates will be open until Monday, September 22.  After that, generation will be heavy and they may still supplement the release of water using the flood gates. 

We had boats on the water all Saturday and every day this week, including today when the opened up the flood gates.  Been a real mixed bag.  One day will fish pretty good and the next day is tough.  Saturday Jim was out with Tom from Oklahoma.  Fairly new to fly fishing and heading to Colorado pretty soon.  Wanted to get some pointers on fly fishing.  Jim worked with him on his skills and they caught some fish on the red midge, pink and orange San Juans and black midge.  Darrell had Bado and his friend Ron on the water Monday.  They did pretty good on the pink worm and copper dun midge.  Stan was out with one of our regular, regulars, Doc from Oklahoma, and his friend Ralph from New Zealand.  Ralph was impressed with our fishery.  He said they have big fish in New Zealand, but not as many.  Their flies were the red midge, pink lady egg pattern and the copper dun midge.  Tuesday was tough.  Darrell was with Duane from Colorado.  Like the rest of us, they worked hard but caught fish on the pink worm,  I had one of my favorite couples, Tom and Marge from California.  We got several fish to the boat on a black woolly under a sink tip and the red midge with a pink San Juan dropper.  One of Marge’s was a really nice one.  One jump and it was gone!  Stan and his guys, Bud & Jerry from Arkansas caught fish on the red midge and pink lady egg pattern.

Jim was out today with Robert and Kevin from CT.  When the flood gates opened, water got real dirty.  Jim opted to come off early and give the guys the trip.  Stan was out with Mike from Illinois.  Had a few hits but decided to give it up because of all the debris in the water with the gates on.  Couldn’t keep the flies clean!  Mike will come back later and try it again.





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