Generation pattern changing

Since they shut back the generation over the weekend to one generator, we have noticed a change in the generation pattern.  They have been backing it down around midnight to a tailwater elevation of 704 to 705, then turning it back up around 8:00 a.m. to an elevation of 707 to 708. 

With the water low over the weekend, it fished very well in some places and very poorly in others.  Stan and I were both out on Monday and caught fish on almost everything.  Stan and friend, Bob from Kansas, caught fish on WD40s, Parachute Adams, cracklebacks and a variety of other flies.  No one pattern consistently but  pretty steady in getting hits and fish.  I was wandering around on my own checking out the river to see how much it had changed.  I did not go about the Rockin Chair area.  With one generator running, it was difficult to see much, but it appears that the area has filled in quite a bit.  The rock shelf on the north bank (boat ramp side) looks pretty much the same.  The deep hole below the boat ramp is gone and it appears the KOA narrows are now the KOA flats.  I fished some and did my best on a blondie crackle back using a sink tip.

Jim was out with Frank and Shirley from Arkansas yesterday.  They had a tough day.  Not too many hits.  He fished the black midge, blood worm and soft hackle.  They could see lots of fish, but, for the most part they were not interested in what they were throwing.  Probably full of dead scud.  When then dropped the water, the banks were alive with scud wiggling in the rocks.  


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