Dry Fly Fishing

Over the weekend and so far this week, in addition to the regular flies, we have been getting some good action of dries.  Yeah!!  Mainly small bugs, such as a Parachute Adams, sizes 18-24; extended body BWO, size 24; and a cream midge, size 22. 

Jim, Stan and Carolyn had a group of six brand new fly fishers out Saturday.  They all had a great time and are no longer brand new fly fishers.  This was an annual family get together and think they plan on fishing again next year. 

Ellen tried out her new fly rod Monday and hooked her first trout on a dry fly.  Unfortunately, it headed for the weeds and she didn’t get it to the boat.  She did land several fish on the red tunghead midge earlier in the morning and finished up the afternoon landing more on the holographic green crackleback (her favorite fly).  

                                       Ellen – 8/11/08

Tuesday, Stan was out with Larry and Don from the Overland Park, KS area.  Larry caught his first trout on a dry fly in Taneycomo, a size 22 BWO.  Couldn’t get them away from the dry fly fishing, lots of hits, lots of misses and some fish to the boat.  Good day.

 Jim had a young man, Ty, and his father Roger on the water.  Ty is nine and, although he loves fishing, this was his first time with a fly rod.   As they are beginners, Jim worked with them on casting and presentation.  Hook sets a little slow, but once they caught on they boated some fish.  Red midge and size 18 black midge.

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  1. David. From Colorado Says:

    I took a float trip with Dana Thur. 14th. Started out with midge patterns early morning, then we noticed trout feeding just under the surface. So Dana handed me his rod with a crackel back tied on with a sinking tip while he rigged my rod with an emerger pattern, the only one he had. ( He said he found this bug in the jaw of another trout he caught ) I had two good hits with the crackel back but I was to slow to set. He handed me my rod, we started site fishing to some nice trout with the emerger and had several takes. My arm was getting tired, I gave him my rod, said you fish and I’ll guide! He landed a heathy rainbow. I took my rod back, he saw another nice fish, told me where to cast, I did, I set, fish on, ran to weeds, broke off 6x tippet. Dana rummaged through his fly boxes to see if he had anything close to that emerger pattern. We setteled for a size #18 or #20 adams. That proved to be the right choice. Great day on the water.
    Thanks Dana.

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