Another Day and Water off in A.M.

So far this week, we have seen a pretty consistent pattern with the water flow.  Turning it off around midnight and keeping it off until 11:00 a.m. to noon the next day.

Stan on the water with Brian, a Sheriff’s Officer from Kansas, yesterday.  They had a great day on the Big Ugly with a black, size 18 midge dropper.  When the water came on, they switched to the red size 16 midge with a red size 16 San Juan and fished the rise.  This too fish very well.  Jim had David and his Dad from Arkansas on the river.  They had so much fun, they went out again today.  Their best bug was the size 14 Miracle Scud.   From the reports we are getting from our customers, depending on where you are on the water, almost everything is working.  Know the size 14 olive wooly bugger with no beadhead is working as well as the holographic green crackleback and dark olive soft hackles. 

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