What a Difference a Day Makes!

We all woke up Saturday morning to the sound of thunder, flashing of lightening and a heavy downpour of rain.  This went on all morning into mid afternoon.  Overall, we had almost 6 inches of rain in our area and the Table Rock Lake went up over a foot Saturday and has now leveled out at about two and a half feet higher than it was early Saturday morning.  That’s the bad news.  We have added some more time to getting Taneycomo back to a wadeable level.

Now for good news.  Sunday was a bluebird day.  Clear, blue sky.  Not much wind early in the day, but it did pick up after noon.  Fishing was very good and had continued through yesterday.  Have three boats on the water today so we’ll see if the trend continues.  They did crank up the generation from the three they have been running since Saturday to four today. 

Sunday we had five boats on the water.  Jim had Steve and Judy, Darrell had Robin and Kristi, and Stan had Rick and Greg .  All these folks are from the St. Louis area.  One of the guys didn’t want to fish in the same boat with his wife since she made him look bad on their trip earlier this year!  Everyone had a great time and caught a good number of fish in their half day outting.  Jim worked on some casting skills with his guests, as well as hooking a good number of fish.  All the boats caught fish stripping the bug eyed bugger under a sink tip.  The Hot Orange San Juan dropper work well when drifting under an indicator.   I had Mike and Trish from Houston out on a full day.  We did really good stripping the bug eyed bugger and a holographic green crackle back under a sink tip.   Trish was dubbed "Crackleback Momma".  She also caught several with the Hot Pink San Juan dropped from either a red midge or the tan flashback scud.  We are all fishing seams wherever we can find them, and edges of the banks.   Water has cleared up considerably from what it was 2-3 weeks ago. 

Yesterday, Gina and Jim had a party from the Independence, MO area; Irene, Patty and Jim.  Jim and Patty are fairly new to fly fishing, but yesterday’s fishing got them "hooked".  Patty and Irene fished with Gina.  Patty caught fish on the red midge and an olive wooly bugger.  They hooked a lot of fish in a half day trip!  Jim worked with Jim and got him false casting, working streamers as well as indicator fishing.  Stan went out with a couple of friends of ours from the Kansas City area.  They are down for four days of fishing vacation.  They had been on the water all afternoon Sunday and part of Monday morning without a fish.  After a bit of coaching on what to look for from Stan, they have a plan on where and how to fish now.


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