Lots of things working

No change in the generation pattern yet.  Still running 24/7 and keeping the level around 708.5 plus or minus a few 10ths.  When they do decide to shut down the water, we think fishing will be great!  The fish we are catching are in wonderful condition and will really be good and healthy when the water goes down. 

Gina and Jim were on the water Tuesday.  Gina had Robyn, from the St. Louis area out.  She is the daughter of the gentleman who created the crackleback at Feathercraft.  Needless to say, they caught lots of fish on the crackleback, as well as the black midge and an olive woolly. 


Jim had Larry from Texas on the water.  They caught several fish on the red midge and black emerger pattern.  Both Gina and Jim were pulled off the water a little early due to a thunderstorm which blew through the area, but they still caught lots of fish.

Yesterday Jim had two fairly new fly fishers on the water, Bud and Ben from Lee’s Summit.  Stuck a lot of fish and boated quite a few on the red midge, black thorax midge and an orange San Juan. 

Stan and I went out today for a few hours.  We don’t get to fish together very often.  Wonderful day.  Started out a little slow, but we were throwing dries and other flies to try different things out.  Picked a few on a black size 12 beetle, BWO, and size 21 soft hackles.  Nothing fast and furious.  We finally got serious and put on the holographic green crackleback and proceeded to catch all the fish we wanted. 


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