Fishing Good – Water still High

Still generating water 24/7.  However, yesterday around 11:00 a.m., they shut the flow down to around 5000 cfs.  This resulted in a drop of the level in Taneycomo to 706.8 for about one hour.  Just long enough for one of our trips, Stan who had Ken and Steve from Kansas out, to get out and wade around the Lookout Island.  Great day on holographic green cracklebacks under the sink tip.    They also hooked fish on a size 20 black zebra soft hackle.  Lots of fish.  Darrell was out with Dan and Malcolm from St. Louis area and they hooked three browns among the many fish they caught on the crackleback and red midge.  Jim and Carolyn both had brand new fly fishers on the water.  Jim had Caleb and Ethan from Texas and Carolyn had Keegan and Sarah from Oklahoma.  We got them roll casting and throwing some line.  Sarah hooked a few on the size 18 black zebra midge and a few on the hot pink San Juan.  She also had hits on the holographic green crackleback but never got them in.  Keegan hooked fish on the red midge, hot pink San Juan and really liked the cracklebacks!  Good day on the water…..

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