Water still running – Good days…tough days

We are still seeing lots of generation.  Table Rock Lake level is now down to 928.7 and three to four generators are going every day, all day.

Boats on the water every day except yesterday.  Monday was a pretty good day.  Jim, Stan, Darrell and I were all out.  We had to look for them, but managed to bring quite a few fish to the boats.  My ladies, Wanda and Joanna, actually had a double and hooked up with quite a few more during the half day.  Fat, fat fish!  We found most of our fish right at the drop offs along the submerged banks.  Caught them on the peach egg pattern and hot pink San Juan worms.  Jim had Scott working the bug eyed bugger and caught several nice fish on these.  Not sure what Darrell was working. 

Stan’s guys, Bob from New Hampshire, fished Monday, Wednesday and is out again today.  Wednesday they had a smorgasborg….trout, sucker and a very nice smallmouth.  Caught the smallmouth on a black sculpin.  Not sure what they are going after today!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday were another story.  Tough days.  A few fish to every boat, but nothing to write home about.


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