More of the Same

Wish I could report something different for those of you who want to come and wade fish, but they are still running water 24/7.  Today we are at 927.5 in Table Rock Lake.

Boats on the water over the weekend and this week.  Have two boats out today.   Everyone is catching fish.  No great numbers, but we are pleased considering the high water conditions.  Peach egg pattern, Pink San Juan, red Midge are all stil working as well as the olive brown Bug eyed bugger. 

Just keep telling yourself how great the fishing will be when we are finally able to wade!  This too shall pass.


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  1. jswilson98 Says:

    The water was high when we were there, but fishing was great. I wish we had such a great fishery in Philadelphia. We had a great time, the fish were very cooperative! Thanks for all your help! what a great fly shop!


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