We Have Had Wading Time the Past Three Mornings!

Saturday, Sunday and again today, we have had some off generation time to get out and wade.  Almost forgot what it was like!  Even saw folks we had not seen for a while!  Generation has shut down around midnight the past three nights and has not come back on until 10:00 a.m.  Yesterday they started one at 10:00 a.m. and the second one as 11:00 a.m.  The projection today is that the water will come on at 11:00 a.m.  We will see….

Fishing was wonderful yesterday morning with the water off.  Two boats on the water yesterday.  Catching fish on size 16 and 18 soft hackles, Red Ass, Dark Olive and Light Olive.  Also, the intermediate sink tip with the filoplume.  Of course, the red midge and the lightning bug were working.  Once the first generator came on, we deepened up, weighted up and dropped the pink or hot orange micro San Juans off the midges.  Used these to fish the various seams on the way to the Lookout Island.  At the island, we fished soft hackles again (found some nice seams), the red midge with the hot orange dropper and a 7 ips sink tip with a holographic green crackleback.  Did great on all these different methods.  We had Scott and his son, Mike, from Illinois on the second day of their 2-day school.  They were learning as many various methods to use fly fishing that we could cram into the day and conditions.  Had a wonderful day and caught lots of nice fish.   

Just got a fishing report from one of our guides, Darrell,  who was out playing on his days off.  Both yesterday morning and today, he was wading west of outlet two and worn the fish out on the gray scud or burgundy midge with the pink micro San Juan dropper.  He also did great on a bright green sculpin today. 


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