Tough Day Yesterday – Water Off This A.M.

Tough day yesterday.  Had five boats on the water and all the guides were moaning when they came off the water.  Every boat caught a few fish but it was far and few, and they tried everything.  They had three generators going, water pretty dirty, but it was a bright, beautiful day.  There was no best fly.

Tuesday through Thursday, fishing was very good. At least two boats out every day and they all caught lots of fish.  Several in the 15 inch range, one 16 incher and a 17 inch brown.  Flies were the red midge and with a hot pink or hot orange micro San Juan dropper.  Picking a few with the Bug Eyed Bugger too.

Water turned off at midnight last night.  At 7:30 a.m. today, it is still off.  Doubt that it will be off very long.  We will just have to wait and see.  The guys that checked out the river this morning said there are lots of changes to the river.  Trees down in places where there were none, no water in some places, new riffles.   Going to be fun and interesting working a new river!

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