Good Days – Tough Days

Sounds like a broken record, but they are still running water 24/7.  Maybe someday we will wade again!

Boats on the water every day.  Saturday, Dana was out with Erick from Kansas and they had a good, fun day on the filoplume with a sink tip.  I was on the water with Mike and Jan from Oklahoma.  We caught a few fish on the black wooly bugger, hot pink and flaming orange San Juan worms, and maybe a couple on a holographic crackleback.  Jim helped Mike celebrate his 59th birthday.  They were taking fish on the bugged eyed bugger with a sink tip. 

Sunday Gina had a brand new couple Curtis and Judy from Oklahoma.  Judy caught her first fish on a fly rod!  Stan and I also had  new couples.  Stan took the guys and I took the gals (of course).  Things were going pretty good until they turned on the fourth generator and the water really turned dirty and took off as well.  The gals missed a few fish, one of them had on a really nice fish that she played for a couple minutes,….but alas, it was an auto release!   Everyone had to work at catching a few fish today. 

Monday and yesterday fished pretty decent.  Gina took Mitch and Barbara from Arkansas out after the rain settled down a little.  They had a good day and Mitch got to work with a sink tip for the first time.  Barbara mastered the roll cast and was roll casting the sink tip out to hook up with some fish.  They were fishing the black wooly on the sink tip or drifting the red midge.  These were their best patterns.   Not sure what Stan has his guys fishing Monday, but know they had a good day.  Yesterday Stan put Clint from Texas on a holographic green crackleback in fast skinny water with a #4 split shot about 12 inches above it, and had an real good day considering the conditions (30 plus fish).   Most of the hits were just before it started the bow or when he started stripping it back.  Clint had not fished this way and really enjoyed it.  They also caught fish on the red midge with the pink San Juan worm dropper.


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