Catching is good!

Darrell had a gentleman from Alaska, Carl, out Wednesday.  They had a very good day, despite the wind.  Boated lots of fish and missed lots of fish.  Best flies were the red size 16 tungsten beadhead midge and the hot pink micro San Juan.  They also had the opportunity to fish the filoplume under a sink tip, which Carl really enjoyed.

Stan was out with Bob from Michigan yesterday.  They too had a very good day.  Boated bunches of fish on the red midge, the Lightening Bug, and stripping a holographic green crackleback with a #4 shot above it. 

Both boats commented on the changes to the river.  Even with two genertors going, some of the boat docks are now sitting on gravel bars!  Will be very interesting when we are back to normal levels. 

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