Boats on the water every day this past week

Had one or two boats on the water every day this past week and it fished good all week.  Most of the days we started out with at least two generators going but by the time we came off the water it was up to four generators.

Monday, Stan had Allen and Heidi out for half day, and Carolyn took them out again on Thursday.  Both days were a "hoot" and they caught lots of fish.  Allen brought in a nice 17 inch Rainbow which was the highlight of his day plus they caught several others in the 15 plus range.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, Stan had Steve and Kathy from New Jersey out.  They have been fishing with us since 2004.  Neat couple who love to fish.  Other than the weather, they had a good 2-1/2 days. 

Wednesday we had some weather coming in and out of the area and it was probably the slowest day of all, but Darrell’s guys managed to boat over 30 fish in a half day.  Thursday they did much better. 

Best flies are still the red size 16 tungsten beadhead midge usually with a hot pink or bright orange micro San Juan worm dropped from the midge.  Hooked a few on the filoplume and the bug eyed bugger using a sink tip.  On the days when the sun was out, the tungsten beadhead Lightning Bug was the best attractor fly.


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