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Boats on the water all week and they have been generating every day all day since Tuesday. 

Tuesday, Stan had Steve and his son Josh, who had flown in from Washington DC, on a half day float.  They had a good half day on the water with the red midge and pink San Juan dropper. 

Jim was out with Frank and Bubba from Belton, MO.  They were out the day before with Jim and had had a good first half of a day on a size 22 midge, the red midge and pink San Juan.  The wind picked up and they decided to cut off at a half day.  Tuesday did not fish as well for them.  They boated a few fish on the worm and bug eyed bugger, but nothing as good as the morning before.  

Carolyn had Bill from Minnesota (he loved our sunshine and warm weather) and Warren from Kansas.  We worked hard all day Tuesday but caught several fish.  Wednesday morning was wonderful.  Our first fish to the boat was 15 inches and they kept going up from that to our eventual 17 incher with an 11 inch girth.  Fat little sucker… was really a trout.  We kept our standard at 15 inches and pretty well maintained that standard until they turned on the third generator.  After that picking was slim and the some of them were definitely below our 15 inch standard!  Pulled a few more fish out on various things, but mainly it was the pink San Juan or pink egg pattern.  Caught a few on the red midge, black wooly bugger and maybe a couple on the holographic green crackleback.  Warren is a brand new fly fisher and by the end of the second day he is throwing a pretty good line; good line management and a great hook set and playing the fish. 

Stan had Gene from Kansas out Wednesday and he had a great time catching fish for the first time on a sink-tip line with a black wooly bugger.  Never had fished this way before and he really liked it.  Jim had Bill from Kansas out.  The black midge and pink San Juan were their bugs.

Darrell had the only boat out yesterday.  Brothers, Frank and Jim from Texas did a half day.  Boated some fish on the pink…you guessed it….San Juan.  Nice 17 incher was their good catch of the day. 



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