Water Slowly Going Down

Glad to say I looked out the window this morning and the water that was over the Boardwalk at the Landing had gone down.  From looking at the charts, it would appear that they cut the flood gates back yesterday around noon.  The tailwater level dropped from 722 feet to around 718.5.    They still have 10 gates open, but must have closed them down a little.  The projection is that they will close the gates some time later today. 

Once the gates close and we make certain conditions are safe, we will start drifting the river again!  Yeah! 

Even better though, all the folks in our area who were chased out of their homes due to the high water will be able to get back home.   Everyone is not out of the woods yet.  Bull Shoals lake was just about at flood pool (695.0) this morning at 5:00.  It will be a careful balance for several days, even weeks to get everything back or normal with the least amount of damage throughout the White River chain.


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