Here We Go Again!

The entire White River Chain is at or almost at flood pool.  This morning around 2:00 a.m., they open the ten flood gates at Table Rock Lake again.  Most of the folks who were affected by the first opening were just getting back into their homes and getting things cleaned up.  Unfortunately, they may be faced with more of the same.  Stan spent all day yesterday helping one of our friends move his belongings in anticipation of the gates opening again.  Glad they did it! 

                                       10 Flood Gates – 4/24/08
                                  Approx. 34,000 cfs – 4/24/08


                                  Moving right along! – 4/24/08

We had some trips scheduled today but cancelled them.  We are always concerned when the water first starts up due to debris and other unknowns. 

Good news – The Dogwoods are in bloom and it is the prettiest I have seen them in a long time.  Obviously they have had lots of moisture.  AND, when the gates are turned off again, fishing will be very good.  Right after the gates were turned off last time, we had boats on the water and fishing was very good.  Most of the fish we caught were "beefed up" probabaly from fighting the heavy water. 


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