Fishing stilll good..but are the rains coming?

Had two boats on the water yesterday.  A brand new couple from the St. Louis area out with Jim.  Ryan is an ER doctor and his wife, Beth is a nurse.  They had a great half day float day on the water.  Lots of fish on the red midge.  Largest was about 17 inches.  Pretty darn good for their first time fly fishing.  

Stan and Shannon went out and played.  Wanted to see what the high water had done to the river.  They had a great few hours on the water too.  The red midge was also the best fly for them.

We are supposed to get some more heavy rains tonight.  Hope we don’t, but if we do, they will probably open up some flood gates again.  We are going to sell to be selling water wings pretty soon for those folks who want to get out on their own and fish.


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