Tough fishing – but we’re catching

Gina and Carolyn were both on the water yesterday.  Gina had Joe from Minnesota out for half a day.  Gina warned him about the unsual conditions but he wanted to go out and "prospect" with Gina.  Joe is a good fisher and fishes a lot of lakes and some streams in Minnesota.  They had a respectable day on the water, caught some fish and he had a good time.  What more can one ask for.

Carolyn had a couple from Louisiana, Ron and Kathy.  They are both good fishers.  Kathy would probably rather fish than eat.  They fish Taneycomo on their own every chance they get.  Although yesterday was not as good as when they have been able to wade fish we made a good showing and also had a good time. 

Our best flies for the day were the Pink Lady egg pattern in the a.m., the red size 16 tungsten midge, copper dun, size 18 midge in the afternoon and the Bug-Eyed Bugger under a sink tip.  The Bugger also worked best in the afternoon. 

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