One day closer to Spring!

Four boats on the water again yesterday.  Great day on the water.  Weather nice and so was fishing.  All the boats came in reporting good numbers.  Still running lots of water, but they cut it back to three generators flowing 6000 cfs for most of the morning and dropped it even lower in the afternoon.  Really helped fishing!!  We are getting closer to normal power pool.  So far today, they have run four generators.

Gina’s guy, Kevin, from New Mexico, caught a 16-1/2" Rainbow.  This is a lucky guy.  Not only did he catch lots of fish, but his wife bought him the 1/2 day guide trip as his anniversary gift.   He and his wife are in Branson celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.  Kevin caught most of his fish on the Burgundy and Primrose & Pearl size 18 midges.

Stan had out a birthday boy, Doc from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Lots of fish, food and a good time.   Their flies were the size 18 Buyrdungy midge and size 16 Red Tunghead midge.

Darrell’s client, Ken, from Wisconsin, was getting away from the cold.   Ken had a great catching day, mainly on the Burgundy midge and the size 16 Red Tunghead midge.

Don’t know what Jim’s guys were catching fish on.  They are on the water again today and scheduled to go out tomorrow (based on weather). 



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