Four boats on the water

We had four boats on the high water yesterday.  The two guys in Jim’s boat, Ed and Bob, were catching fish on a size 6 Bug-Eyed Bugger, olive.  They also caught a few on a red midge.  Darrell’s guys, Dave and Dan, caught them on the red midge, but did best on the Olive filoplume.  Stan’s boat with Jim and John, caught them mainly on the red tungsten midge.  They caught a few on the Burgundy and Copper dun midges.  Ken and I, in my boat drifted the back of the island looking for fish.  We tried some midges back there, but not only didn’t see any fish, we didn’t get any hits either.  Drifted on down and noticed fish coming up in the flat area at the bottom of the island.  Normally this area is the island.  Anchored over the grassy area (now under water) and started picking up fish on cracklebacks.  Ken had some he had tied with the burgundy holoshimmer we use for the midge which were working very well.  I used the holographic green and caught several, but I believe Ken’s burgundy was working best. 


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