Unbelieveable weather!

This weather has gone from the upper 70s to the lower 30s in a matter of hours!  And all in the same day!!

They did not generate water from 3:00 p.m. on Friday until 5:30 p.m. Tuesday!  Then they ran it for about three hours and shut it off.  Yesterday it came on at 7:00 a.m., went up and down for a couple hours where they kept it at one generator until 8:00 p.m. Wednesday night.

Saturday’s trip was a father and son-in-law from Oklahoma.  It was in the 50s that day.  Fishing was good and they caught lots of fish.  Best flies were the Burgundy Midge in the morning and the Primrose and Pearl in the afternoon.  Father, Don, had been out with us before with his son.  He decided to bring his son-in-law, Travis,  this time and expose him to fly fishing.  Think Travis likes fly fishing.  Got to casting pretty good until he started catching fish.  Once he started catching fish, casting took a back seat…..normal.

Sunday, was Super Bowl Sunday.  Good Game!

Monday, Stan & I fish for a while in the late monring until early afternoon.  The temperatures made it into the the high 70s, low 80s.  Great day on the water or anywhere with weather like that in February.  We were catching fish on the olive filoplume.  I was using the sink tip in deep (6-7′) of water.   Some of our fishing friends, Peter and Ellen, were using it in shallow water without the sink tip and catching fish.   We caught fish on a gray soft hackle, size 20; a dark olive soft hackle, size 18; and a size 18 Burgundy Midge.   Ellen was having a great day fishing the holographic crackleback in the shallow water.  However, the best part of her day was near the end of the day, sun going down and she was heading back upstream toward the Rockin Chair area.  She had one Blondie crackleback in her fly box which she tied on and started throwing into the riffle at the Rocking Chair.  It would barely hit the water and she had a fish.  This frenzy continued until Peter almost had to drag her away for the evening. 

Before the storms came through Tuesday, Stan caught 40-50 fish on the Primrose and Pearl.  One of our other friends, Donna,  caught a 17-18 inch Rainbow on the the Burgundy Midge and her husband Darrell caught one a little larger (guess he’s not going to let her out do him).  Fishing was great until everyone was chased off by the tornado warning!


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