Windy Fishing

I decided to go fishing this morning, it was 60+ degrees, sunny, and no wind to speak of.  By the time I hit the water, the wind had picked up to 20 mph out of the South and it got dark and started to cool down.

 The wind kept blowing harder and harder so I anchored the boat and set up a 5wt line with a 2.6 IPS (inch per second sink rate), and tied on an olive filopflume size 12 on a 6 foot length of 4X tippet.  My first cast resulted in a hit and miss, the next 3 casts resulted in 3 nice rainbows about 13 inches each.  Another couple of misses and I brought in a 15 inch rainbow.  It was getting colder by the minute so I decided to drift downstream to where our good friends Pete and Ellen were fishing.

I  anchored in shallow water (about one foot or less) and changed to my Favorite 4wt rod, a 7.5 foot 4 piece tip flex with a 9 foot leader and 3 feet of 6X tippet and tied on a size 14 holographic green crackle back.  All I really needed to do was get it downstream about 40 feet and they slammed it.  I proceeded to catch about 5 or six fish (one small brown of about 14 inches) and looked over at Pete and I think we both decided to give it up around the same time.

 Getting the boat back on the trailer by myself with that wind was a hoot. 



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