Weather great and fishing good!

Stan took the boat out yesterday with a friend and had a good time on the holographic crackleback.  Fished best with #8 split shot, throwing it toward the ledge bank in the shallow water above the boat ramp and letting it drift out toward the middle.  Fish were hitting it all kinds of ways, hard, real soft, and just lightly tapping it 2-3 times.  Also fished the filopflume under a sink tip.  They were taking this pretty soft.  Also caught a few on the olive wooly bugger under the sink tip, drifting it with a slow strip.  I went out this afternoon and fished the holographic crackleback in shallows down below the gravel bar on the Rockin Chair side across from the boat ramp.  Had a good afternoon with this.  They were hitting it pretty hard on the strip.  Tried the split shot, but they didn’t seem to want it that way today.  Talked to a couple of our customers on my way in, their way out, and they had had a good morning on the filopflume.  I tried the filopflume but they didn’t want it anymore.  After I went back to the crackleback I started picking up fish again. 


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