Lots of fish!

Had two boats on the water yesterday afternoon.  What a perfect day!  The weather was great,.  Temperatures were in the 50s, not too much wind, they turned the water off at noon, and the fish were crazy.  The only downside to the fishing was that many of the fish were small.  Looks like they recently dumped in a bunch of Federal fish. 

Stan had a couple from Gardner, Kansas out.  John and Becky Bloomer caught "bunches" on everything.  Large dry flies, Madam "X", Trude, filoplume, Primrose & Pearl Midge, and John even caught two on a  dry fly he had made out of his dog’s fur!  Becky did had a really nice fish on for a while that she hooked with a size 12, flashback gray scud.  We did catch a few in the 13-14 inch range but most were 9-11 inches.

My boat was some of our regulars, Rick & Kristi.  Between the badgering back and forth as to who had caught the most fish or the largest fish, they were catching fish or getting hits on almost every drift for most of the afternoon.  We did catch lots nice fish in the 13-16 inch range and what COLOR!  Some of them were brilliant with deep purple tones.  And, as we said, also caught lots of smaller ones.  Although I put a Big Ugly on Rick with a midge dropper, they were all after the midge.  Kristi finally retired her beat up Primrose & Pearl midge.  She wanted to keep it to remind her of her great fishing day.

How many afternoons in January can you do this?  As Rick said on the way back to the shop "we stole this day".



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