Beautiful Sunday

We stole another day in January.  It was in the 60s yesterday, a little chop on the water from a light breeze (good for fishing), and the fishing was good.  Fishing was probably not quite as good as Saturday, but it was still very good. 

One of our guides, Gina, had her sister and nephew out for a few hours.  Think this was his birthday outing and definitely his first time fly fishing.  He landed 8 and "missed a boat load".  Gina’s sister quit counting her fish at 25.  Lots of dinks still, but they also caught some nicer ones.  Best fly in the late morning was the copper dun midge fished just above the KOA narrows.  Once they fished out this area, they went on down to the Pointe where they fished the Primrose & Pearl.  All in all, they had a wonderful day and lots to talk about at the birthday party last night.

Stan went out with a friend in the boat, and I took off wading.  They did well on the midges, but finished up their day with Stan throwing dries on the north bank between the Rocking Chair and the boat ramp and his friend throwing the filoplume out the other side of the boat.  I never took off my sink tip and filoplume.  I caught a few dinks, but the ratio of larger fish to the dinks was much better stripping the filoplume on the bottom.  Seemed like the bigger guys were staying low to keep away from the tons of smaller fish feeding near the surface.  I was mostly slow stripping the filoplume.  If I missed a soft take, I would give it two real short, quick strips and many times get a take shortly after that.  Two other couples we know were out fishing yesterday afternoon.  They were doing well on the olive wooly bugger and the crackleback.  Not sure which color crackleback.  Forgot to ask.

They had four generators going by 6:00 a.m. this morning.  At 1:00 p.m., they still had one generator going with a level at 704.6  I am a little surprised they have not turned it off by now.

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