Weather a little nippy, but fishing is good

We have had boats on the water the past three days and fishing has been good.  Great father from Texas wanted to get his 10 and 12 year old sons started in fly fishing so they went out with one of our guides Saturday.  Real troopers as it was pretty cold Saturday morning.  In a couple hours they were getting their fly into the water, mending, and catching fish.  Had three boats on the water yesterday and they all did well.  Two couples from Georgia took 1/2 day drift trips.  they caught fish, learned a lot, had a fun time, and think they might make this an annual tradition.  Other boat out all day and boated 50 plus fish.  The consistent fly on all these trips was the size 18 copper dun.  One of the boats did catch some on the black and rusty midges.  I went out for a while in the afternoon to get my weekly "fix" and had a good time first with the sink-tip leader and the olive filopflume.  Saw fish taking emergers so I changed out my rig and threw some size 18 olive/brown soft hackles.  If I didn’t get a hit, it was because I had lost my fly.

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