Lots of wading time this week!

Weather has been agreeable the past couple of days and so has the generation.  We have had no generation since Tuesday and they ran a couple of generators for little over an hour starting at 6:00 a.m.  We fished for maybe an hour yesterday at the Rockin Chair area.  Probably 12-15 people scattered from the Rocking Chair area to down below the Boat Ramp.  Caught a few fish on the olive filoplume on a sink tip and then switched over to black wooly bugger.  They liked the black wooly best.  Stan was up stream trying some new bugs.  Nothing spectacular on the new bugs…..back to the drawing board.  But, our regulars did okay.  The Burgundy Midge and Copper Dun were working.   Did note they were taking pretty soft.  One of our friends fished the Pointe area yesterday.  He did well on a crackleback.   Think he said it was a light cream color.

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